Chocolate Master Class

Essential Recipes and Techniques by École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona (Hardcover—2014)

This is the ultimate cookbook from the Valrhona school for chocolate makers, featuring a dozen essential techniques and 70 easy-to-follow recipes. From the precise method for tempering chocolate to the creation of a divine chocolate mousse or soufflé, this book offers the home cook an authoritative master class in working with chocolate. It provides a dozen essential step-by-step techniques for mastering the artisanal skills of a chocolatier, such as ganache for hand-dipped candy, classic molds, and chocolate pastry cream. The recipes are arranged by texture—moist, velvety, unctuous, crunchy, creamy—and make it easy to perfect the ideal chocolate delicacy for every occasion. The recipes range from mendiant candies to truffle hearts, from bittersweet panna cotta to warm chocolate tart, from coconut bars to fondue, and from classic pastries such as madeleines, brownies, and cupcakes to more exotic delights like klemanga, pineapple-mango-coriander tart, or chocolate tea. Chocolate Master Class is an essential reference for chocolate lovers.

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