Emmer Flour

by Anita's Organic Mill (Size—1 kg)

Originating over eight thousand years ago, emmer (also known as farro) is an ancient grain with wonderful characteristics. Emmer grinds into a high-fibre flour with low traces of gluten, making it easier to digest and a great alternative for those suffering from wheat or gluten allergies. It is also a great source of protein, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Emmer is one of the oldest cultivated grains of our time and is believed to be one of the ancestors of durum wheats. It has been grown in the Middle East, North Africa, and Italy for thousands of years and today is a common ingredient in Italian foods. Its density and sweet flavouring give emmer many different uses. It can be added to the majority of your yeast-baked goods and makes a good substitute for any regular wheat flour called for in your recipes.

Anita's Organic Mill, family owned and operated for 15 years, works closely with the best organic farmers in British Columbia and the Canadian Prairie provinces. They are committed to the highest artisan-quality Certified Organic and Kosher grains, fresh whole-grain stone-ground and all-purpose flours, ancient grains, cereals, and mixes. From sourcing grains solely from farms using sustainable, organic agricultural practices to packaging with eco-friendly materials, caring for the environment is a top priority.

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