A Masterclass in Classic and Contemporary Pâtisserie by William & Suzue Curley (Hardcover—2014)

Pâtisserie aims to reflect award-winning chocolatier William Curley's passion for taking classic recipes and modernizing them with his own innovations. Creating top-quality pâtisserie is often seen as something only a trained professional can do; however, with pâtisserie equipment now easily accessible to all, William hopes to unscramble the mystique of haute pâtisserie creation and, with his book, get everyone making it in the home kitchen.

The process of pâtisserie is broken down into a step-by-step guide complete with expert knowledge from a master pâtissier to produce flawless creations every time. A series of basic recipes—covering sponges, creams and custards, doughs, pastry, and syrups, to name a few—will provide a solid foundation in pâtisserie techniques as well as inspiration for aspiring creative pastry chefs. Classic recipes from Rhum Baba to Tarte Alsacienne are given a modern adaptation with William's unique blend of flavours.

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