Perfect Pâtisserie

Mastering Macarons, Madeleines and More
by Dr. Tim Kinnaird (Hardcover—2013)

Perfect Pâtisserie is designed to help ambitious home cooks take the next steps in fancy baking. It provides clear instruction on how to make the components of pâtisseries, shows how to assemble them, and gives over 100 inspired ways to perfect the gorgeous delights found in Parisian shops.

The book has over 100 ways to perfect pâtisserie, with fully illustrated tips and advice, and a delicious array of traditional and unique recipes organized into the five classic categories: Macarons, Choux, Tarts, Gâteaux/Entremets, and Petits Fours. Two final sections focus on fillings and icings, and decorating and presentation. The techniques explained include tempering chocolate and working with caramel. There is also information on how to make cake boards, stands, and boxes.

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