Pure Almond Extract

by Nielsen-Massey (Size—2 oz)

A baker's best friend, almond extract is one of the most popular flavours used in baking. Nielsen-Massey's is made with the purest oil of bitter almond to deliver optimal results in flavour and quality. Aside from having a special affinity for fruits like raspberries, peaches, and plums, almond extract pairs deliciously well with vanilla, chocolate, maple, and butterscotch. When used sparingly, it can also accent salad dressings, sauces, custards, and ice cream.

This product is part of a line of all-natural, pure flavour extracts and waters developed by Nielsen-Massey, which they craft with the same level of passion and attention to detail that has always set apart their vanillas.

Ingredients: Alcohol (90%), natural oil of bitter almond, water.

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