Pure Orange Extract

by Nielsen-Massey (Size—2 oz)

Bright, sunny and refreshing, Pure Orange Extract serves as the perfect partner to many flavours including strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate. Enhance such savoury dishes as rice, chicken, and fish with the fresh citrus appeal of orange. This extract is made from the finest-quality oranges and complements a range of foods, including jams and marmalades, fruit pies, salad dressings, cream and custard desserts, ice cream, sherbets, cookies, and more. Use it as a substitute for orange juice or zest.

This product is part of a line of all-natural, pure flavour extracts and waters developed by Nielsen-Massey, which they craft with the same level of passion and attention to detail that has always set apart their vanillas.

Ingredients: Alcohol (90%), natural oil of orange, water.

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