Tart and Sweet

101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen by Kelly Geary & Jessie Knadler (Hardcover—2011)

Tart and Sweet is the essential canning manual for the 21st century, providing a modern tutorial on small-batch canning accompanied by easy-to-follow photos and instructions as well as more than 101 sweet and savoury recipes for preserved fruits and pickled vegetables, including jams, chutneys, marmalades, syrups, relishes, sauces, and salsas.

With traditional favourites like canned peaches and bread-and-butter pickles as well as more inventive flavour combinations such as kumquat marmalade and pickled ramps, Tart and Sweet offers endless possibilities for creative preserving. In addition, you’ll find recipes and inspiration for using your canned goods in delicious and unique ways, from cocktails to cakes.

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