Wild Sweets Chocolate

Savory, Sweet, Bites, Drinks
by Dominique & Cindy Duby (Hardcover—2011)

Decadence and creativity merge into a blissful package of fine chocolate in this cookbook by renowned chocolatiers Dominique and Cindy Duby. Chocolate is not relegated solely to the desserts section of this book but is incorporated throughout in savoury dishes, giving each plate a velvety, complex, and delicious finish. Not to worry: there are decadent desserts like Baked Chocolate Cream and Spiced Caramel Dust Spoons.

This cookbook includes sections on cocktails and drinks, savoury dishes (shellfish, fish, meat, vegetables) and sweet ends. Also included are professional add-on recipes, a section on basics, and a resource list. All the exquisite recipes reflect the rationale at Wild Sweets, the authors' chocolate atelier. They blend the exotic and the familiar, and offer elements of surprise with a sense of comfort.

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